1. All vehicles are not allowed to park on the road and/or in the public areas.
  2. All vehicles must be parked inside the villa or at the designated areas
  3. Residents must register their vehicles with the MO to obtain a security card (fees may apply if the number of tickets exceeds the number of tickets required) to entry to the estates and allow the MO to obtain sufficient information of the vehicles in NINE SOUTH ESTATES
  4. For safety reason, practicing car/ motorcycle is not allowed in the estates
  5. Vehicles traveling at a maximum speed of 10km / h. Drivers must always observe and give way to pedestrians, especially children, elderly and pregnant women. Residents are responsible for guiding their guests / visitors to the designated parking area or on their premises.
  6. Residents must ensure that all guests / visitors must register at the guard house and follow the parking  rules and regulations regarding as well as other rules and regulations at NINE SOUTH ESTATES.
  7. Guests / visitors must not park overnight unless approved by the owner and must inform the MO. The MO does not collect any parking fees and is not responsible for any loss of visitors' vehicles overnight
  8. Residents/ visitors are not allowed to park in the “No parking”, disable areas, driveway, firefighting area,…
  9. Vehicles parked at non designated sites or restricted areas will receive a warning from the MO. All costs and / or costs incurred due to such violations include legal fees fully paid by the owner of the vehicle.
  10. The owner of the vehicle shall bear all risks for the vehicle parking at NINE SOUTH ESTATES. The MO is not liable for any loss or damage whatsoever, as well as any actions for damages, suits or other bad behavior caused by the vehicles and / or its contents.

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