Construction updates middle of March 2018


Construction updates middle of March 2018

Nine South Estates is bustling with activity. The project management team and construction contractors are now in the final stages of handing over the Riverfront Villas and completing the project .To date, the contractors have completed and handed over more than 350 villas to the Developer. More than 94% of home buyers have now received their homes with more than 80 families now finishing and fitting out their homes. More than 35 families have officially moved into their houses for living. By the beginning of March 2018, the main works items that have been completed are as follows:

  • Technical infrastructure: 100% of the basic technical infrastructure outside the house for all phases such as underground services, street lighting, water supply,drainage andcommunication services have been inspected and approved by the Department of Construction Ho Chi Minh City. Finishing works such as concrete walkways, access roads, driveways, pedestrian ramps, electrical distribution cabinets, landscaping and streetscape have been completed for the entire project;
  • Foundation: All piling works for the houses and villas has been previously completed in Q1 2017 and handed over to the construction contractors to allow for the completion of all buildings;
  • House / Villa:
    The Riverfront  Display Villa was completed by Ricons Contractor, under Coteccons Group and opened to visitors in June 2017;Ricons are also completing the Recreation Club No. 2 with a riverside swimming pool, gymnasium and entertainment area which is expected to be completed and operational in March 2018;Town houses/ villas in 1C and 1D: 100% completed and handover to customers from the end of September 2017;Town houses/ villas in 1A, 1B, 2A1, 2A2 and 2B1: 100% completed and handed over to customers from November 2017;Town houses/ villas in 2B2: 100% completed and handed over to customers from December 2017;Town houses/ villas in 2C2, 3A2 and 3B2: 100% completed and handed over to customers from the end of January 2018;The Riverfront Villas in 4A, 4B and 4C are now substantially complete with final finishing works in progress and are scheduled to be handed over to the Clients at the end of March 2018.
  • The embankment along the river and North branches of the project: North embankment was completed. The concrete structure of the main embankment wall along the Tom River with a total length of 456 meters is now complete and now all that remains is to complete the land filling and landscaping along the Riverfront Park, this will be completed by early April.
  • The Garden Lake and wastewater treatment: The lake has been finished construction. The entire installation of equipment for the wastewater treatment plant has been completed. Successful testing and commissioning of the wastewater treatment plant has been put into operation since late October 2017;
  • LandscapeStreet landscaping to all parks and non-Riverfront Villas was completed.
    The riverside park is now 100% with all hard and softscape elements behind Parcel 4A and 4B villas now complete. The final riverfront landscaping to the rear of Parcel 4C villas and the Recreation Club No. 2 is currently under construction with completion due at the beginning of April 2018.










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